#TelehealthIsHealth to Me

During TAW, we educated patient communities and consumers, government officials, and clinicians using real stories from real people, sharing personal stories about the benefits of telehealth.

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Telehealth Video Stories from Partners & Sponsors

NorthEast Telehealth Resource Center (NETRC)

Telehealth has created new opportunities for patients and clients to connect with providers in a way they prefer, enabling access to care when and where is it needed most, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This short video shows a variety of ways telehealth can continue to be a vital part of our healthcare system as we move forward.

Array Behavioral Care

Telepsychiatry connects hospitals with qualified behavioral health clinicians who can quickly assess, treat and refer patients.

Hospital emergency departments are experiencing a surge in patients presenting with mental health issues. Unfortunately, EDs are not designed or staffed to provide behavioral health patients the care that they need, which often leads to extremely long wait times. With telepsychiatry, these patients no longer wait hours for evaluation or disposition. Instead, they can connect with qualified, remote behavioral health clinicians who can quickly assess and treat them and refer them to the appropriate level of care efficiently.

Hear the story of a mother in New Jersey whose teenage son struggles with suicidal tendencies. She recently spoke about the contrast between seeking in-person care three years ago and her recent experience with telepsychiatry. The first time, she and her son waited for more than 18 hours in a crowded emergency department for her son to be seen by a social worker, not a psychiatrist — a common occurrence as hospitals shoulder the burden of the nationwide mental health crisis amid a shortage of behavioral care professionals.

Three years later, amid COVID and with the help of telehealth, their experience was very different. This time, the hospital had implemented a telepsychiatry program that allowed her son to be seen in just a matter of hours by a psychiatrist who evaluated him and sent him home with a concrete treatment plan and next steps.

With telepsychiatry, the wait for timely, quality behavioral healthcare is over. Array Behavioral Care is the leading telepsychiatry service provider in the country. For more than 20 years Array has been a trusted partner to hundreds of hospitals and health systems, community healthcare organizations, and payers of all sizes to expand access to care and improve outcomes.

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